What is Days of Rest about?

Days of Rest is a newsletter that explores Jewish ritual, heritage, and observance in meaningful chapters from my own life. But also, I’ll tell you about books I’m reading and what I’m cooking for Shabbos and whatever else happens to be on my mind.

I’m Merri Ukraincik. A writer, speaker, Jewess, wife, and mama. 

I write essays mostly, including the much loved #gutshabbosshorts on Facebook. My work has also appeared in Tablet, The Lehrhaus, and The Forward, among other publications. You can find my tiny little story about an encounter with a Jewish psychic at a nail salon on page 19 in Metropolitan Diary: The Best of the New York Times Column. I’m especially proud of that.

I’m also the author of I Live. Send Help: 100 Years of Jewish History in Images from the JDC Archives. My second book, a memoir about Jewish observance, is in the works.

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